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Alumni thoughts on Suffolk County Community College Nursing Graduate Employment Outlook 2013

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Graduate Employment Outlook
2013 Graduates of Suffolk County Nursing ProgramAccording to a recent survey, our graduates are employed:

4-6 months after graduation 43.39%
1-3 months after graduation 22.64 %
7-9 months after graduation 20.76%
10-12 months after graduation 13.21%

Our Graduates are working as a nurse in:

Hospital 27 %
Skilled Nursing/Rehabilitation Facility 27 %
Private Physician Office 14%
Home Care/Private Duty Agency 14%
Group Home 5 %
School 5%
Assisted Living/Daycare 2%
Other 6%

Our Graduates are enrolled in a Bachelor of Nursing Program

Yes 70.49%
No 29.51%

Comment’s from our Graduates:

“I thought the program was very good”.

“I will always recommend the nursing program to those I know deciding to enter into Nursing”.

“Excellent RN program. I am proud to say SCCC prepared me for my RN license”.

“The hands on laboratory and clinical components were excellent”.

“My professors, both clinical and lecture, taught me the skills I needed to enter the field”.

“The professors are skilled, and knowledgeable and prepared me realistically. Because of them I am currently enrolled in a bachelors program, and am employed as an oncology nurse. Thank you Suffolk!”

“Great professors who made me learn how to think like a nurse and effectively pass the NCLEX exam. Taught me compassion goes far in nursing!”

“Looking back, it was a very good experience, I had the sense everyone at SCCC wanted us to succeed”.

“The professors are the best!! I liked how the program is organized, the faculty follows the students every step of the way, as a student you always feel the support of the faculty behind you”

Source: Suffolk County Community College

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